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​When we think of radiation, we often think of artificial sources, such as X-ray or medical scans, but these sources have little effect. Almost half of the radiation we are exposed to through our lives is in the form of radon. Yes, the noble gas found in our table of elements. Interesting? Read on to know more about it, and to know how Radon Testing Portland Oregon can help you.

Radon is an inert, colorless and odorless, naturally-occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. In fact, Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer for the general population. As a noble gas, it is naturally in the atmosphere in trace amounts. It surrounds every one of us as part of the air we breathe. So outdoors, radon is generally not a health issue, as it disperses rapidly. However, exposure inside homes, schools and workplaces can be deadly. The dilemma begins when Portland radon gas is trapped indoors after it enters buildings through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Fortunately, indoor radon can be controlled and managed with proven, cost-effective techniques which our Radon Testing Portland team can help you with. But first, let us tackle more details about radon and its effect on us, our family, our business and our surroundings.

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The rocks and soil beneath our homes, schools and commercial buildings contain traces of uranium. Over time, the uranium breaks down in soil, rock, and water, and forms other elements. This is called radioactive decay. Radon Portland OR is one link in the decay chain of uranium. When radon gas decays, it emits radioactive radiation in the form of an alpha particle. Since air pressure inside your home or building is usually lower than pressure in the soil around your foundation, your structure acts like a vacuum, drawing radon in through foundation cracks and other openings. Radon also may be present in well water and can be released into the air in your home when water is used for showering and other household uses.


When you breathe radon in, the radioactive alpha particles from the gas can get trapped in your lungs. And when they come in contact with living cells, the radiation cannot be stopped. When an alpha particle hits our DNA it can cause damage to a cell’s blueprint. Cells constantly replicate themselves, but with a broken blueprint the replication process can become cancerous. It may take years before health problems appear, but they sure are fatal. In most cases, radon entering the home through water is a small risk compared with radon entering your home from the soil. ​


We all want our family and employees to be safe, but the fact is, radon concentration within structures is often much greater than outside. The gas comes from the ground and is captured and contained in our homes or buildings, through cracks in the foundation, entry points for pipes, wiring and more, resulting in levels that we seldom find in nature. And if we do nothing about it, it can harm us and our family. Much worse, radon Portland Oregon is 10x more dangerous for children. The good news is, you can take steps to reduce and control the amount of radon in your home, in school and in your business building. Read on for the details.

Test Your Home or Building for Radon

Having your home tested is the only effective way to determine whether you, and your family or employees are exposed to high levels of radon. Testing is inexpensive and easy. Above all, it can provide you peace of mind! Interested? You can read the next parts of the article for more details.

Proper Ventilation

Some buildings have a higher radon level in the top floors. This can be due to artificial ventilation, natural updraft, or building materials used. You see, modern buildings are often well insulated and sometimes windows are even unusable. This is to save on energy costs and consumption. However, little airflow can allow radon to build up to high levels and cause long term exposure. Testing is the only way to determine radon levels Portland Oregon and ventilation is the solution to keep radon levels safe. Usually, through using an underground ventilation system or by increasing the rate of air changes in the building.

Seal Cracks

Whether in floors or walls, seal cracks with plaster, caulk, or other materials designed for this purpose. Sealing cracks and other openings in the foundation is a basic part of most approaches to radon reduction. This limits the flow of radon into your home or building, thereby making other radon reduction techniques more effective and cost-efficient. It also reduces the loss of conditioned air. Then always test again after finishing to make sure you’ve fixed your radon problem.

Ask About Radon Resistant Construction Techniques (if you are buying a new home)
It is almost always cheaper and easier to build these features into new homes than to add them later. You see, EPA does not recommend the use of sealing alone to reduce radon because, by itself, sealing has not been shown to lower radon levels significantly or consistently. So, it is best to have these features into your new structure. Furthermore, it is difficult to specifically identify and permanently seal the places where radon is entering. Normal settling of your home opens new entry routes and reopens old ones. Which is why it is highly recommended for you to contact your state radon office for a list of qualified contractors in your area and for information on how to prevent or fix radon problems yourself. Or better yet, contact our Radon Testing Portland Oregon team for testing and mitigation processes you can trust.

Install a Radon System

Whether you have an existing home or are building from the ground up, our Radon Testing Portland OR team is ready to lend you a hand! Although if you are building a new home, consider that it is almost always less expensive to build radon-resistant features into new construction than it is to fix an existing home that has high radon levels. Ask your builder if he or she uses radon-resistant construction features. But either way, this action is totally worth every penny knowing how it can protect you, your family and employees for years to come. You see, a radon system effectively routes the harmful gas out of your home or business. In addition, it will only take a day to install a radon removal system in a single-family home in most cases, once the source of the excess radon is determined.

​There are many other ways you can lessen or remove radon in your home or business space. But when you are not sure of what to do, it is best to contact experts. And what is better than our team which is leading in the industry? Read on how we can best help you!

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There are many testing and mitigation processes found in the internet that we think we can generally apply within our homes and commercial buildings. However, EPA recommends that you have a qualified radon mitigation contractor fix your home because lowering high radon levels requires specific technical knowledge and special skills. Without the proper equipment or technical knowledge, you could actually increase your radon level or create other potential hazards and additional costs. On top of that, with your health, and that of your family or employees in danger, would you still risk it? Worry no more, you can rely on us! With our years of experience, you can trust us to do our job right the first time, and ensure your safety and of those that matter to you! How? We’ve enlisted tasks we can do for you below:

Test for Safety

Our Radon Testing and Mitigation team will test your home or business space for radon according to the EPA’s latest standards. We can tell you how much radon is in the air and water and what those levels mean. Certain levels are acceptable because radon is so prevalent, but it takes accurate testing procedures and equipment to know for sure that you and those important to you are safe.

Installation of a Radon System

Earlier, you’ve read how a radon system can help you route the harmful gas out of your home or building. But as easy as it sounds, a radon system installation is a thorough work that you should entrust only to experienced, knowledgeable professionals. It is important to inspect your property to find the source of the radon first, before installing the system. It could be coming from your foundation, crawl space, or basement due to leaks where the radon-rich soil surrounds it.

Test before Buying or Selling a Real Estate Property

Testing for radon in Portland homes and businesses is especially important if you are buying or selling the property. Having documentation that the radon levels within the building are low enough to meet the most stringent standards will reassure buyers and help sellers move the property faster and with less fuss. By standard, all homes should be tested for radon and elevated radon levels should be reduced. Even new homes built with radon-resistant features should be tested after occupancy to ensure that radon levels are below 4 pCi/L.

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Still unsure? There are several benefits of testing and installing a radon mitigation system in your home and business building,aside  from a much-reduced risk of developing lung cancer. Radon removal systems are usually effective within 24 hours of installation and will maintain safe levels as long as the fan is operating properly. Your health is more than enough reason. But we’ve prepared more reasons for you to not just consider our services, but to give them a go as soon as possible.

Cost reduction

Radon mitigation systems that are part of new home design and construction are easier, and therefore cheaper, to install. By design, they usually require less material, also making them cheaper. Interior piping is easier to hide within closets and chases.

Drier air

Fan-based mitigation systems can filter out the moist air from the soil beneath your home. An active system can pull as much as a half-gallon of water per hour from beneath a slab foundation or basement.

Environmental impact

Less humidity can mean decreased dehumidifier usage, if you need a dehumidifier at all. In addition, HVAC systems also run less frequently. Decreased demand for energy-hungry air conditioning systems translates to a lower electric bill and an added benefit for the environment—fewer emissions.

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Increased home value

Radon mitigation systems help increase home salability. It also eliminates protracted negotiations over who pays for the installation when a house is on the market. In addition, this will save you the hassle. As you know, it is part of the real estate process to have your home tested before sale and if it tests high, you don’t want to be rushed with choosing the right radon mitigation expert in Portland. It can take time to address the problem and find the most cost-effective solution.

Better health

Besides lesser risk for lung cancer, lower humidity has added health benefits in the form of fresher interior air and the elimination of musty smells. Decreased humidity means reduced or dampened antagonisms in the form of bacterial growth, mildew, and dust that can aggravate asthma, allergies, and other lung conditions.

Enhanced cosmetics

An attic fan is less conspicuous and more inaccessible than suction and exhaust pipes. Attic installations are protected from weather, extending the life of the system. The location moves exhaust vents away from doors and windows, making it less likely radon will re-enter the home. It can also buffer system noise.

Convinced now? Have your home or business space tested by our professional Radon Testing Portland team. We design and build systems customized to suit your specific needs. We offer packages based upon your preferences: your choice of interior or exterior systems that either prevent Radon from entering the home or reduce Radon levels that have already entered it. Great news, right? Call us now, and expect our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly Radon testing Portland OR team to do this life-saving work for you!